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[3rd Best Album] ayaka (絢香) – THIS IS ME ~ayaka 10th anniversary BEST~ (MP3-320kbps)

ayaka (絢香) – THIS IS ME ~ayaka 10th anniversary BEST~ [3rd Best Album]
Release Date: 2016.07.13
Genre: Pop, Ballad
Language: Japanese
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps

Tracks List:
DISC 1 - Sun Edition
01. I believe
02. Real voice
04. Yume wo Mikata ni (夢を味方に; In a Friend's Dream)
05. Minna Sora no Shita (みんな空の下; Under Our Sky)
06. Hello
07. Yasashii Ao (やさしい蒼; Gentle Blue)
08. Chiisana Ashiato (ちいさな足跡; Small Footprint)
09. beautiful
10. Arigatou no Wa (ありがとうの輪; Wheel of Thanks)
11. number one
12. Have fun!!
13. Zutto Taisetsu na Kimochi (ずっとたいせつなキモチ; Always Important Feelings)
14. Nijiiro (にじいろ; Rainbow-Colored)

DISC 2 - Moon Edition
01. Mikazuki (三日月; Crescent Moon)
02. melody
03. Blue Days (ブルーデイズ)
04. Jewelry day
05. Why
06. Te wo Tsunagou (手をつなごう; Let's Hold Hands)
07. Okaeri (おかえり; Welcome Home)
08. Koi Kogarete Mita Yume (恋焦がれて見た夢; The Dream of Desperate Love)
09. The beginning
10. Sora yo Onegai (空よお願い; I Beg the Sky)
11. Hajimari no Toki (はじまりのとき; First Time)
12. Tsuyoku Omou (ツヨク想う; I Think Strongly)
13. Gensoukyoku (幻想曲; Fantasia)
14. A Song For You
15. Ambition

DISC 3 - Wind Edition
01. WINDING ROAD (ayaka x Kobukuro)
02. Anata to (あなたと; With You) (ayaka x Kobukuro)
03. Akai Sora (iTunes Session) (アカイソラ; Red Sky)
04. THIS IS THE TIME (iTunes Session)
05. Through the ages (English ver.) (iTunes Session)
06. I believe 2016 ver.
07. Mikazuki 2016 ver. (三日月)

Link Download:
DISC 1Google Drive
DISC 2Google Drive
DISC 3Google Drive
[3rd Best Album] ayaka (絢香) – THIS IS ME ~ayaka 10th anniversary BEST~ (MP3-320kbps) Reviewed by Unknown on 10:07:00 AM Rating: 5

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